Cole entered my room and I can tell he’s got his guard up. He’s known for years that every time our parents have these  ceramonial  gatherings, towards the end , the person that’s over me gives me some kind of drug to make me forget, then tries to replace them with different memories. Our parents always send Cole up to reenforcethe false memories of the fun dinner party with our friends and all of the parents eating, playing board games or whatever fun we all had fro the evening. Except one night a few years ago, Cole came up to my room that is up in the attic our parents keep me locked up in and walked in , quickly realizing something was amiss.  I was standing in front of my floor length mirror staring blankly at the reflection like it was someone else. Cole said I was my teeth were chattering, my skin white as a ghost and I had a small pocket knife at my neck ready to stab it into my neck while standing in my own yurin. He called out my name with every stride he took towards me until he he was prying my fingers open to take the knife. Grabbing a throw blanket from my bed, wrapping it around me and picking me up to carry me to my bathroom then turned on the wall heater while bringing us to the floor , him sitting cross legged with cradling me and rocking back and forth, pleading that I come back almost seemed like he was reprimanding , telling God that this wasn’t the deal. I remember thinking my brother is going to get us struck by lightning which had me mentally thinking I needed to cover his mouth with my hands and that’s what snapped me out of my breakdown. He was holding me so tightly that he didn’t even realize I was trying to get out of his grasp he had me in. When Cole let go of me to stand me back up, I immediately started asking questions then he put his hand up to halt my tongue and asked me to get into the shower, after, he’d tell me what he could.

Cole … I new my sister was someday going to start remembering what was really happening at these so called dinner parties. Oh, they were friends from our church but, what was really happening to some of the kids by some of the elders and the high leader were deplorable. Overhearing a private meeting in my parents conference room one night, opened up a deep dark and deadly secrets of what our family and members of the the church and what’s really going on behind all the hallelujahs. Blood! It’s all about the blood and the power of the blood. It’s an honor to be chosen for your blood and some of us are primed to carry on the tradition. I’m starting to believe that either one of these chosen positions are equally twisted and the only lucky one are the ones the high leader deems unworthy by sacrificing the babie at the age of around two. Our baby sister,”Sable,” who was born in one of our churches medical facilities. Afterward, our mother was told she had to breastfeed for eight weeks but she’s always been extremely vain when it came to her body and later in years when I was old enough, found out that our mother only viewed my sisters as competition. That’s why Trinity wasn’t free to live outside of the dam attic and only after three weeks of taking care of both girls nutritional needs, I took care of my sister and she was given Sable. But when it was time to sacrifice little Sable. Our parents blamed her death on my sister. What kind of mother hands over their newborn baby over to a 9 year old to take care of, then only bangs the girls out to play mother of the year when it’s show off time. Some of us older kids finally figured out that it all boils down to the order in which we’re born . First born carry on the tradition, second, are used different ways for their blood, third ones are always sacrificed. Then the order is repeated if the families want more children. Still haven’t figured out why they need the blood and why it’s so important. All I know is tonight was the first time I’ve seen what happens to the second born kids when they they’re to leave in 6 months when they turn 18. All of us gather in this room that’s surrounded by statues that have there backs look towards to outside, each one alternated in the deepest garnet, ruby and onyx. There is a dark shimmering fabric used to cover each of the creatures eyes,with each one holding a torchlight. The room is lined from floor to ceiling with cracked shiny metal that sometimes seems to fuselage back and forth to bleeding mercury.


The aspect of the ceremony has been a fog halfway through until my 23rd birthday. So not only were Trinitys’ memories being messed with, so were most of the us. Until about six months ago. Three of us that had had birthdays saw what was really happening after the supposedly being blessed by the elders. It had gotten solomly dark, the room became smoky with a chill in the air, at the same time my body felt like it was on fire. The elders stripped a couple of the second siblings and strapped them to wooden beams that came up from the floor. They resembled a cross but were upside down. They were tied with their hand together, up top and hung down with their legs spread to each side of the bottom park of the cross. I could hear the girl and boys’ cries and pleading to the parents to not allow this to happen again. I thought to myself,” what did they mean, again?” Then a stone chalice filled with blood had been passed around for us to take a sip and we didn’t even question the silent command. In just a couple minutes, my body because sexually excited then started hearing groans through the haze of pleadings. I looked around the room and witnessed dark shadows standing behind all of us.  They began to slip our purity robes from our bodies, sliding to the floor and looking like the clothes were drowning from the surface of what suddenly appeared to be a window. Underneath the see through window floor were flames that looked like waves at the ocean . Then each statue that were in back of our circle, slowly began turning around to face the ceremony. All of them seemed to wake into  live beings. Some were gargoyles, dragons, naked females with dragon looking tales , some , I had no idea what kind of creature was turning to face us but, they all had golden crowns with at large oval gemstone placed in the center. The dark shadows that were between the members and the enormous beings disapated back down the the waves of fire.

The being across from me was a giant red dragon. It had seven heads with seven crowns on each head. The beast had ten horns on top of its head . When it opened it’s eyes that had the color of sparkling rubies, wings came up that filled the span around the entire room but, one was black and the other , white. That red beast had looked right at me at the same time the Supreme Valentinus walked into the ceremony ritual .